Get Out of Pain With Oral Surgery

Losing a tooth as an adult isn’t easy. Another tooth isn’t going to pop into its place, and the magic of the tooth fairy is long gone. At Dalton Dental Care, we understand you don’t want to face tooth removal. However, sometimes it’s necessary to protect your smile. If you need oral surgery in Dalton, you can trust our experienced team.

With our help, you will:

  • Put a stop to your dental pain
  • Prepare your mouth for dentures or other needed procedures
  • Improve your oral health and function
  • Stop an infection from putting healthy teeth at risk

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Save Your Smile & Restore Your Oral Health With Dental Surgery

Before moving forward with any tooth removal, Dr. Andy Kim will ensure it’s in the best interest of your oral health. For example, we may recommend a root canal for some tooth infections. This procedure may be able to help you avoid an extraction.

We’ll do a thorough exam and take digital X-rays during your appointment. It helps us determine the best path to get you out of pain and protect your smile. Depending on our findings, Dr. Kim may suggest a tooth removal to:

  • Reduce Overcrowding – It may be necessary to remove teeth in preparation for your clear aligner orthodontic treatment.
  • Prepare for Teeth Replacement – We’ll remove any remaining unhealthy teeth to prepare for teeth replacements, like full or partial dentures or dental implants.
  • Remove Wisdom Teeth – If your wisdom teeth are coming in, Dr. Kim can extract them before they cause problems. Impacted wisdom teeth may need to be referred to an outside oral surgeon.
  • Stop an Infection – If a severe infection or badly damaged tooth puts healthy teeth at risk, we’ll remove the tooth before it damages your smile.

No matter the reason for your dental surgery, we’ll ensure you are completely comfortable. You can choose from sedation options, including laughing gas and oral sedation.

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