Create a Straight & Beautiful Smile With Orthodontics

You know your smile would look better if your teeth were straight. You know that braces work, but you really don’t want bulky brackets and wires in your mouth. Thankfully, you have another option for orthodontics in Dalton, GA. With our treatment, you can:

  • Improve your smile discreetly
  • Continue eating your favorite foods throughout your treatment
  • Make it easier to fight cavities and gum disease
  • Correct your crooked smile
  • Create a better alignment for your bite
  • Boost your confidence in your smile and yourself

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Clear Aligners Are a Convenient Way to Improve Your Smile

Having a nice smile is better. You know this from your everyday life. When you meet someone who has a nice smile, they seem more confident and friendly. This gives you a better first impression. By straightening your smile, you can make better first impressions too.

Clear aligners have proven to be incredibly effective as an orthodontic treatment. They make cosmetic improvements to your smile. They also give you the health benefits that come with straight teeth and a better bite. You can brush and floss more effectively, and you reduce wear-and-tear on your teeth.

Orthodontic aligners offer many advantages:

  • Comfortable – Brackets and wires can irritate the soft tissues of your mouth. Aligners are molded plastic with smooth sides. Unlike braces, they fit your teeth perfectly at each stage of your treatment.
  • Versatile – Aligners are a great option for teens and adults who want to correct crooked teeth, gaps in their smile, overbites, underbites, crowded teeth, crossbites, and open bites.
  • Convenient – You can’t take off braces. So you are supposed to avoid certain foods, which can damage the brackets and wires. You can remove aligners during meals and your daily oral hygiene routine. Unlike braces, they don’t interfere with your everyday life.
  • Simple — If you have ever worn an athletic mouthguard, then you can handle wearing clear aligners. They are easy to take out and put in. You wear an aligner for a few weeks, then simply swap it out for the next one in your series. This keeps your teeth moving into their proper places.
  • Transparent – Many people don’t like braces because you can’t hide the fact that you are wearing them. Your custom-made aligners seem to disappear when placed over your teeth. This helps you feel more comfortable wearing them, no matter where you are.

Make Orthodontic Aligners Part of Your Smile Makeover

Getting your teeth in line isn’t the only way to upgrade the appearance of your teeth. You can combine orthodontic care with other treatments as part of a larger smile makeover.

After orthodontic care, you can:

  • Brighten your smile with professional teeth whitening
  • Fix a chipped tooth or other flaws with bonding
  • Correct the appearance of a misshapen tooth with a teeth contouring treatment

You also could improve your smile with some restorative work.

Call 706-226-1171 or request an appointment online to see if you’re a good candidate for orthodontics in Dalton, GA. Get your smile in line at Dalton Dental Care!